Conquering the Land (Campaign 1: The East)


Our Mission [If you choose to accept it] is to Disciple Britain and Ireland through Kingdom Movements that multiply disciples, leaders, churches, tribes and movements throughout the 12 Regions of Britain and Ireland, the 70+ Counties of Britain and the 500+ Westminster Constituencies until there’s NoPlaceLeft where Christ is not named and the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our God…


There’s much we can learn from the battles the ancient Israelites fought in order to conquer their Promise Land. With that in mind I have written these short articles on the Conquest of the East, West, South and North of the Promise Land as memorialised in the ancient Hebrew Scriptures

Conquering the EAST

The Conquest of the East of the Promise Land is recounted in the Book of Joshua 12:1-6
Moses and the Israelites conquered the land East of the River Jordan before Moses passed away on Mount Nebo

There were two mortal foes Moses and the tribal armies of Israel had to overthrow to conquer the territory East of the River. These were;

King Sihon of South East Jordan
King Og of North East Jordan

As with most ancient historical Hebrew texts, the names have profound meaning.


Sihon was King of the Amorites, one of the Seven Enemies in the Promise Land that Israel were to conquer. ‘Amorite’ means ‘to say’ or ‘to speak’ as in; to say or speak as in ‘to speak against or boast- criticising, blaspheming, swearing and blaming’

Sihon means ‘to wipe out, uproot, totally eradicate, exterminate, to bring to conclusion’

So you could say, that Moses and the Israelites task was to completely wipe out, uproot and eradicate those who speak against, boast, criticise and blaspheme God

King Sihon lived in Heshbon east of the River Jordan. Heshbon means ‘the power of thinking [human thinking], reasoning, understanding- as in human invention, industry and ingenuity’

His Kingdom included Aroer, meaning ‘ruins, places where the foundations are laid bare, desolate, barren’. Aroer stood on the edge of the Arnon Gorge. Arnon means ‘rushing brook or rushing torrent, rushing streams that are noisy and murmur’

Sihon’s kingdom extended from the middle of the Arnon Gorge to the Jabbok River which serves as a border to the Ammonites (another one of the Seven Enemies in the Promise Land they were to completely wipe out)

Jabbok means ‘to empty itself’ as in ‘total surrender’

This territory included the southern half of the territory of Gilead [which means ‘heaps of stone/testimony’]. Sihon also controlled the Jordan Valley and regions to the east from as far north as the Sea of Galilee to as far south as the Dead Sea, Including the road to Beth-Jeshimoth [houses of wastes or deserts/houses of desolation] and southward to the slopes of Pisgah [peak, height, cliff. The name of the peak of Mount Nebo from which Moses saw the Promise Land (Deut 3:24)]


Moses and the armies of Israel then faced the next ancient foe, King Og of Bashan.

As above, the names of the kings and the names of the towns and places they occupy have meaning.

Og means ‘a cake or bread baked in ashes.’ Ashes are a sign of death and mourning. God gives beauty for ashes if we allow him to.

Bashan, King Og’s domain was a territory embracing 60 cities. Bashan means ‘fertile land’

Og was the last of the Rephaites- an ancient race of giants. He lived at both Ashtoreth and Edrei (Ashtoreth was a deity worshipped by the ancient semites and the chief female deity of ancient Syria said to represent the goddess of death.) Edrei means a great mass or cloud.

Og ruled a territory that stretched from Mount Hermon (means ‘anathema/devoted to destruction’) to Salecah (to walk/move along) in the north and to all of Bashan in the east and westward to the borders of the kingdom of Geshur (stronghold or fortress) and Maacah (pressed down, worn, squeezed, trembling in fear, oppression and depression)

This territory included the northern half of Gilead, as far as the borders of King Sihon of Heshbon


The meaning of Conquering King Sihon of the Amorites metaphorically (what’s written in Old Testament of old covenant are ‘shadows of things to come’, Hebrews 10:1) could be this

We now [new covenant] do not ‘wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers and rulers of this dark world’ (Hebrews 6:12-13)

This means that ‘every idea/ideology’ that exalts itself against the knowledge of God must be thrown down (2 Corinthians 10:5) so that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord can fill the earth as the waters cover the sea, resulting in the multiplication of the gospel/word, disciples, leaders and churches and tribal/kingdom movements in every region of the land

The beginning of conquering the Promise Land and defeating the Giants involves the battle with Sihon
What this means, based on the interpretation of names above:

We must allow God to completely wipe out, uproot, eradicate the power of human reasoning, thinking and understanding and the human and devilish based invention, industry and ingenuity if we are to conquer the Promise Land. This starts with what we say or speak– we must speak a better word than Cain. God wants to completely lay bare human rationale as it is barren and desolate. Just like the man with the legion of demons on the East side of the River Jordan was in the place of the dead amongst the tombs, fearful and tormented but was set free by a word from Jesus, so too- God wants to defeat this giant of human reasoning in and through you leading to the rushing of pigs downstream so that the noisy murmur of human reasoning subsides and you can receive the healing balm of Gilead which becomes the word of your testimony. Those who reject the testimony of God, will have their houses left desolate until they say, ‘blessed are those who come in the name of the Lord.’ It’s only when we allow human reasoning to be thrown down that we can even see clearly the way to the Promise land on the slopes of Pisgah at the peak of Mount Nebo. That’s when Moses dies and the work of Joshua begins’

Have you come to a place of Total Surrender?

After overcoming King Sihon, the next battle involves defeating King Og of Bashan

Defeating Og, entails letting God give us beauty for ashes, not letting any roots of bitterness come up within us or our fields. We must make sure we do not worship the Goddess of Death or touch those things devoted to destruction. As Jesus said, ‘Let the Dead Bury Their Own Dead, As for you, follow me and preach the Kingdom’. As we do so, we will enter a fertile land and conquer 60 cities as a great mass or cloud of witnesses, following the cloud by day and fire by night. We must overcome strongholds ruled by fear, oppression, depression and rescue those pressed down and worn out by the futile patterns of this world


Moses the servant of the Lord had destroyed the people of the land of King Sihon and King Og before he passed away and handed over the leadership to Joshua son of Nun

Many of us are still Living in the Desert, going round in circles, when God has clearly told us to Enter the Promise Land 

Part of the problem is that a generation is still living under a Moses Mentality instead of a Joshua Mindset. Moses was made for the desert. Joshua was developed for the Promise Land.

Moses is all about the past, Joshua is about the future…

Moses is the generation that escaped Egypt [The World/Oppressive Structures]

But Joshua is the generation that are Ready for War

Will you join us as we Conquer Mission Britain, Europe and Beyond?

The Next Article: Conquering the Promise Land [Campaign 2: The West], COMING SOON…


Claire Ellis

Wow. Peter I love your studies and articles.
This is very true.
People do have the wrong mentality.
Many of the churches seem to still have a Moses mentality , they are still stuck in the past and are not ready to do war.
Yes. We in East London have chosen to accept this mission.
We are seeking God’s face daily for wisdom to defeat the enemy in our 32 London Boroughs. We are stepping out onto the streets and making contact with the people who are still held captive by the enemy.
We are making a disciplemaking movement that plants house churches in the North, East, South and West.
We train new soldiers as we go.
We unite with you in the spiritual battle fields as one body, one army.

All for One and One for all.

Until there is #NoPlace Left #NoPlaceLeftNELondon


Thanks Claire. Hope the work in East London is going well and agreeing with you for the increase of disciples, leaders and churches from the harvest in that area and across the 33 Boroughs of London (including the City of London)


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