A MissionBase is where a team of Pioneers are practising Pioneer Mission and multiplying disciples and churches. MissionBases invade an area through Prayer and Gospel Sowing. Then consolidate the work through establishing disciples and simple reproducible churches. Then the Pioneers look to multiply the MissionBase across the region.


Here in the UK the vast majority of people would never go to Church and know nothing about the Gospel of the Kingdom. Over 100 years ago Willliam Booth died. But the vision for a modern day salvation army lives on. Will you join us as we seek to preach the Gospel, make disciples and multiply churches across the UK and Ireland?


MissionBases are needed in every region of the UK and Ireland. Typically we launch MissionBases through a NewformsExperience Mission week or where people have received a Level 1 Training and are consistently putting the training into practice over a number of months.

If you would like to launch a MissionBase then please contact us :